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  2003-2007,an extraordinary period.After made a joint effort,Maxin staffs conquered many huge difficulty and got spectacular results at these four years.On June,with expecting the new development for company,Maxin entire staffs and the partner enjoyed our great success together and looked forward to our wonderful future.After one month carefully plan,Maxin held a four years anniversary celebration with a large-scale at Maxin factory of SHAJIN town on 1st June.
  Along with the humoristic master of ceremonies appearing,the party began with firing the salute.The general manager Mr Terry Woo opened a spectacular speech which affirm our achievements and inspire with us meeting new powerful challenge.
  There are the professional actors from outside,and also include our staff's performance at the party.They tried their best to show their acqierement,at the same time they brought the happiness and laughing for the audience.We had Revealling true sentiments of solo sing "kiss and tear",and also had the humorous "three and half";we have the "solidarity is power" acting with one heart and one mind,and also had passionate "Maxin will be better".All of the performance showed Maxin staff's brightness and healthy image of youth and positive.Especially for the band which combined with five handsome boys from Maxin foreign trade department,the tutti song "my love" brought the party's ambience to climaxes.
  With the wonderful performance,we arranged many exciting lottery for all spectator.the total award value beyond twenty thousands and had high rate of win the award.It showed the concern of the company for whole staffs and enhance their cohesion.
  In addition to brilliant program,our company also reviewed four years develop experience.At the end the party was over with the grace melody "unforgettable tonight".
  This party lasted two hours is the first anniversary celebration after Maxin established which let all staff full of pride and passion.It displayed Maxin's full-bodied cultural atmosphere,strong brand power and perfect organize ability.
  At bypast four years,we worked hard together but harvest spectacular results.As to Maxin's future,Maxin staffs have enough passion and confidence to create outstanding achievement.




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