Xin mei xin after-sales service terms

Shenzhen Maxin industry co.,Ltd ,is  fully implements the “Responsibility Regulations for the Replacing and Replacing the Returns of Microcomputer Commodities” promulgated jointly by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the Ministry of Information Industry. The following conditions are not covered by the warranty;

1. It is not possible to show the product's effective warranty certificate, or the phenomenon that the original serial number label of the product has been altered, replaced, or torn off, or that the serial number or the product model number on the warranty certificate is not in conformity with the actual product.

2. The product exceeds the warranty period stipulated by maxin.

3. Failures and damages caused by the use, maintenance, and storage of the computer working environment as instructed by the product instructions or not in accordance with the instructions.

4. Failure or damage caused by repairs, changes or disassembly of products not authorized by New Maxin.

5. Use of pirated software or malfunction or damage due to virus infection.

6. Accidents or other damage caused by force majeure.

7. Services and additional configuration and gifts other than the product promised by the salesperson are not included in this warranty service.

The above final interpretation rights belong to Pyrenee, and there is the right to change the permissions at any time without notice. Please pay attention to Maxin  website.