Talent recruitment

Recruitment position: foreign trade salesman

Release time: 2018-04-02 Number of recruits: 3

Working place: Room 312, Fuyuan Building, Fanshen Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen

Experience and education: within 1 year (excellent fresh students can apply) college or above

Salary Range: Above 4K-12K

job description:

1. Have a strong interest in foreign trade, patience and sense of responsibility.

2. Experience in B2B platform alibaba customer development is preferred.

3. Familiar with SEO search skills to develop customers is good.

4. Familiar with export business process, familiar with network marketing, product promotion analysis ability and customer service awareness, can effectively develop and maintain customers. Experience in the consumer electronics industry is preferred.

5. Proficient in English, able to quickly read full-English web pages and write detailed product introductions in Russian. Good oral English is preferred.

6. Quick thinking, strong communication skills, teamwork spirit; strong sense of work responsibility and goal, diligent and enterprising.


1. Salary: basic salary + commission + performance + bonus (the amount of commission depends on personal performance and business ability)

2. Enjoy paid statutory holidays;

3. Purchase five insurances according to the national standards;

4. The company regularly organizes outdoor activities, employee birthday parties, etc.;

Working hours:

Monday to Friday: Morning: 9:00--12:00 Afternoon: 14:00--18:00 (weekends closed)

Enjoy national statutory holidays and a humanized holiday management system;

Employees who have worked in the company for more than one year can enjoy 5 days of annual leave.

For the employees with excellent performance, the company will give them early regularization, promotion, etc.;

The company regularly holds dinner parties and employee birthday parties every month, and there will be snacks such as fruits to taste.

Working address: Room 312, Fuyuan Building, Fanshen Road, District 45, Bao'an

Subway: Line 5 (Huanhua Line) Fanshen Station

Nearby bus: Waterfront Plaza, Chuangye Rainbow Shopping Mall