Maxin Company has launched an innovative visual keyboard - STREAM DECK, leading the industry trend.

2023-10-17 09:14:48

  The company has released a revolutionary visual keyboard - STREAM DECK. The keyboard not only has efficient and convenient input experience, but also brings unprecedented interactive experience to users through innovative visual technology.

  The most prominent feature of STREAM DECK is its powerful customization ability. Users can customize each key on the keyboard according to their personal preferences and needs, whether

it's quick commands, calculators, clocks, or custom macros. This will undoubtedly bring unprecedented convenience to professional players and users with special needs.


  The exciting news is that New Meixin Company has provided a rich variety of visual options for STREAM DECK. Users can easily turn the originally static keyboard into a dynamic display platform through simple operations. Whether it's showing the clock, calendar, scrolling news, weather forecast, or even serving as a mini map in games, it can be easily achieved. This innovative design greatly enhances the practicality and fun of the keyboard.


  In addition, STREAM DECK also specifically designed a series of functions for gaming enthusiasts. It can be built into a dedicated game keyboard for easy game play with a mouse. For gamers who need high customization, this is undoubtedly a great choice.

  In terms of packaging, the packaging design of this visual keyboard is also full of innovative elements. The blue main color gives people a sense of technology, with a physical display of the intelligent visual keyboard on the front, and the Elgato logo and STREAM DECK model identification in a prominent position on top.

  Overall, Maxin Company's STREAM DECK visual keyboard has led a new trend in the keyboard and mouse market with its powerful customization ability and innovative visual technology. Whether it is for professional players or ordinary consumers, it has great appeal. The launch of this product will undoubtedly inject new vitality into the keyboard and mouse market, and we look forward to its future market performance.