Maxin showcase their mouse and keyboard technology at the Global Sources Fair in Hong Kong in 2023

2023-04-27 15:06:12

      To promote the development of global resources mouse and keyboard technology and science, Maxin showcased related technologies at the 2023 Global Resources Hong Kong Electronics Fair starting from April 11, 2023, which has received wide acclaim from friends both at home and abroad.



                                                                            Introducing product information to customers


                                                                                                                                                  Product discussion


        At the exhibition, Maxin's team introduced hundreds of keyboard and mouse products to friends from all over the world. Among them, the transparent mechanical keyboard attracted widespread attention. The outstanding keyboard lighting of full-transparent and semi-transparent keycaps brought consumers a more stunning visual impact, and was loved by friends.


                                                       K540 Compact hotwappable mechanical keyboard(Fully Transparent)


                                                          K638 TKL hotwappable mechanical keyboard (Semi-Transparent)

       At the Global Resources Hong Kong Electronics Fair, developers, publishers, and professionals from various industries from around the world gathered together to share professional knowledge, showcase excellent products, and explore advanced technologies. Maxin also shone at this exhibition. It is believed that in the future research career, Maxin will pay more attention to the research and innovation of keyboard and related technologies, and take the lead in the field of mouse and keyboard technology, becoming a leader in this area.



                                                                                 Taking a photo to commemorate




                                                                  Everyone's recognition is the driving force for our progress